At SWBR, we’re concerned not only with functionality, but compatibility with the surrounding environment. Design excellence and sustainability are integral parts of our solutions. From imaging to implementation, from landscape design to life-cycle cost analysis, SWBR offers an array of services designed to meet any client's needs.


SWBR was founded in 1969 on the core belief that architecture matters. This is as true today as it was then, and it will always remain our guiding principle. We believe that architecture must inspire in order to enhance the way people live their lives. Spaces for learning, spaces for socializing, contemplative spaces, and spaces to live and grow old in are all influenced by our designs and contribute to the quality of life, productivity and happiness of their occupants.

This philosophy compels us to understand the contextual characteristics that influence our designs and place-making. This context informs our dialogue between the vernacular and the innovative. Sustainability and operational efficiencies contribute to our designs, with clear project documentation for every step. With interior, structural and landscape design all in-house, we provide our clients with complete architectural services, enabling us to achieve a fully integrated and coordinated delivery of our design documentation.

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Interior Design

Interior design services are integrated with architecture. Our designers are part of each multi-disciplined team, and their creative and technical solutions are integral components of each of our projects. These solutions enhance the quality of life of the occupants. Our process follows a systematic methodology, including research, analysis and integration of this knowledge through the design. The needs and resources of our clients are satisfied to produce an interior space that fulfills their goals and contributes to our vision of perfect balance.

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Landscape Architecture & Planning

SWBR’s Landscape Architects and Planners are on the front end of projects testing the market, program, feasibility and highest-and-best land use. Our multi-disciplinary team analyzes, conceptualizes and designs the outdoor environment – at all scales. We are regionalists, urbanists, and site designers. Our early involvement in a project informs the basic elements of a site - including circulation, land use, streetscape, building layout, grading, and planting - in a manner that is responsible and maximizes human benefit. Our landscape architects implement projects with adept design, best practices and sustainable design solutions.

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Structural Engineering

SWBR’s structural project experience includes both small- and large-scale designs. Our experience ranges from simple support structures to the design of multi-story educational, residential and industrial developments. Our structural design engineers are experienced with a wide variety of systems and materials and know how best to apply them to suit individual project requirements, whether it’s reinforced concrete, structural steel, reinforced masonry, wood, timber and/or light-gauge metal framing.

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