Perfect Balance. It’s the fusion of synergy, intuition, innovation and vision. It begins with definition and understanding of our clients' objectives and values. It’s distilled into inspired design through dialogue, research and rigorous professionalism. It coalesces into a unique, innovative and productive solution. At SWBR, we apply this balanced approach to every project we undertake, because Perfect Balance is a formula for great design that never goes out of style.

Affordable Housing

A critical factor in successful and sustainable affordable housing is the balance between design aesthetics and long term maintenance issues associated with the final product for the residents.  At SWBR, we value solutions that work within the budget first and result in sustainable designs that are inspiring, functional, durable, interesting and intimately connected to the living spaces we are providing.  We work hard to interpret the need and then develop a great design that is both approvable and fundable.  This is our top priority.

We have designed and renovated thousands of units of affordable housing.  Working successfully with agencies in New York State, including NYS HCR, NYS OMH, NYS DOH, OTDA, HHAP, OPWDD, and HUD and have designed many stand-alone LIHTC tax credit projects and combination LIHTC and HUD 202 financed projects.   We understand the complexities involved in affordable housing design and funding, and bring this experience to the table for all of our projects, resulting in successful projects for our clients.

Environments for Person-Centered Care

SWBR Architects is a strong proponent of person-centered care and physical deinstitutionalization of the long-term-care environment. Our core team, including Certified Eden Alternative Associates, is intimately familiar with the challenges faced by providers seeking culture change within a small home-care model. SWBR’s skilled leaders and designers advise stakeholders on the merits, regulatory hurdles and organizational impacts of implementing an environment supportive of person-centered care. Together, we can bring elders HOME.


The design and construction of healthcare projects provides unique challenges to the Architect, as well as to the owner. SWBR brings to a project a great deal of experience with the rapid transformation of healthcare delivery and the regulation that accompanies it. Budget, schedule, technology and construction delivery are major drivers in any construction project. SWBR’s design professionals are able to work with our clients to manage and control all of those complexities, allowing the project team to create buildings that provide a beautiful, healthful and healing environment, while enabling healthcare professionals to most effectively provide care to the patients.

Higher Education

In college, perhaps even more than other arenas of life, the quality of our environment directly influences the quality of our lives. At SWBR, we recognize that great architecture flows from the needs of the people using the facility—the students, the professors and the administrative staff. We strive to obtain a Perfect Balance between the innovative, technology-driven design required by today's rapidly evolving university system, and the culture, climate and quality of student life.

Industrial & Corporate

SWBR identifies the driving factors behind your project. Whether for expansion, merger, technology transfer, downsizing, cycle time reduction or incubator research, financial accountability and business case analysis are critical to the design of industrial, manufacturing and research facilities.

SWBR teams with your company to create solutions with the form and function required by your business case. During the design process, SWBR maintains constant focus on enhancing productivity and your profitability. We also recognize that the factors affecting your operations can change quickly. SWBR responds with the flexible solutions your company requires.

SWBR delivers the project required by your business in a manner that is consistent with your financial and time parameters. The result is great design—with Perfect Balance.

K-12 Education

Educational environments should be places where young minds are invigorated, where teachers have the creative space to facilitate learning, and where the community's vision for the future is fully expressed. SWBR partners with communities to design facilities that bring cost, function and educational priorities into Perfect Balance. Our high-value, cost-effective services deliver a design project that fits your administrative approach and educational goals, allowing both students and educators to perform productive work.

Leisure, Hospitality & Sports

Our leisure industry expertise includes planning and design for tourism destinations, resorts, museums, zoos, sports facilities, lodging, entertainment venues, fitness studios and recreation centers. The leisure industry is an important element of place-making and is a critical amenity for housing, education and business. We work with national market experts to assist with the feasibility of these specialty and speculative products.


The national trend in planning and development is towards mixing of uses, rather than isolating them. SWBR specializes in many individual development products, but we also are accomplished at mixing uses in a well-planned and intentional manner. Our mixed-use communities take the form of market rate developments, mixed-income projects, and higher education college-towns. A stalwart of these projects is to create walkable environments that have the density and variety to provide a place to live, work and play within distinct neighborhoods.

Multifamily & Senior Housing

SWBR understands that designing cost-effective and comfortable housing for senior adults is a complex business. We strive to achieve a Perfect Balance between social and technological innovations, which meet the needs of the staff, while catering to the desires of residents. This requires a high level of involvement and commitment from your design team. We'll deliver the precise design project you want, in a manner that is consistent with your management and marketing strategies.


SWBR identifies and prioritizes the needs of your community. Accountability is our top priority as we design to satisfy your constituents. We begin by analyzing wants and needs. Together, we bring cost, function, budgeting and scheduling issues into Perfect Balance. This includes participation in pre-referendum activities, the acquisition of approvals and schedule compliance. To increase ROI, SWBR consolidates areas of responsibility into one coherent program management system. Our high-value services deliver a tailored project based on your approach and goals.

Supportive Housing

SWBR understands that providing well-designed, supportive housing options are essential for our communities. Our designs provide successful, creative and cost-effective combinations of affordable housing along with services that help people live more stable, productive lives. We work closely with our clients to create housing options that support mental health, residential and treatment programs, addiction prevention and support programs, and programs for persons with developmental disabilities. Many of our SRO (Single Room Occupancy) designs integrate supportive services and housing for the homeless and developmentally disabled, helping to break the cycle of homelessness and inadequate housing for those with special needs. We work to provide beautiful projects that fit your budget and contribute to the well-being of the clientele.

To view a video produced by one of our clients, DePaul, click here.