Wednesday, April 3, 2013

SWBR Architects recently joined in the ground breaking celebration for The DePaul Carriage Factory, a five-story, 71-unit residential apartment building that is a mix of affordable and mental health apartments for DePaul. Construction has begun on the building, which was designed with inspiration from the original historic Cunningham Carriage Factory on Litchfield Street in Rochester, NY.

SWBR and its partners at Christa Construction are working to preserve much of the existing 73,000-square-foot building in an effort to transform the historic factory into a new, functional living space. The total cost of the project is $13 million.

SWBR has designed the project to include a new main ADA accessible, central entry, new doors and windows, new elevators and stairwells, and a centralized community room for the residents. All existing windows will also be replaced with energy efficient, insulated windows, and a decorative aluminum wall will adorn the outside main entrance to the building.

“This project provided a special opportunity for us to memorialize the important manufacturing efforts that took place at this site for nearly 80 years,” said Joseph Gibbons, AIA of SWBR Architects. “The James Cunningham name was revered all over the world as makers of high-quality transportation vehicles, from coaches and carriages to airplanes. As we repurposed this building, we paid special attention to respecting the past while connecting its proposed use to the future.”

To view a video of the groundbreaking ceremony, click here.


In photo from left to right: Dave Christa, Mike Dehmler (Christa), Joe Gibbons (SWBR), Gillian Conde (DePaul), Lenny Skrill (NYSHCR), Sen. Joe Robach, Mark Fuller (DePaul), Mayor Tom Richards, Barbara Hoffman (neighborhood resident), Unknown, Dave Putney (MCOMH), Richard Conley (CPC), Dan Nissenbaum (Goldman Sachs)