SWBR Architect’s School Conversion Project in Riverside Begins

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 14th was the Groundbreaking Ceremony for DePaul's newest project-the Riverside Apartments in Buffalo. SWBR Architects was selected to renovate the vacant four-story building of a former City School into 68 affordable and special needs apartments.

The design intent for the project was to keep as much of the original structure and interior walls as possible. The central auditorium and central circulation stairs that wind up all three levels serves as a central entrance focal point for residents. The double height second level gym contains residential units, with the upper level space containing a dropped ceiling.  The central auditorium space serves as the new Resident Community Center for the project. 

The project has received tax credit funding from New York State Homes and Community Renewal, the New York State Historic Preservation Office and the National Parks Service.


For a more in depth look at the project and community, visit here or here.