Saint Elizabeth Community Nears Completion

Friday, February 17, 2017

Saint Elizabeth Community is making a difference with a commitment that 'good care' must focus on the whole person, emotional wellness is as important as the physical.

Boredom, loneliness and helplessness.

These emotions, explained Matthew Trimble, chief operating officer of Warwick-based Saint Elizabeth Community, are often unintentional consequences felt by residents isolated in certain nursing home environments.

But Trimble hopes the nonprofit elder-care provider's newest facilities, The Green House Homes at Saint Elizabeth Home, four 12-bed homes built adjacent to Saint Elizabeth Home in East Greenwich, will combat the spread of those emotions.

"Rhode Island nursing homes do very well caring for the elderly. [But], this is a new and innovative model … all about empowering residents, staff and letting people be in control of how they live their lives," he said.

The homes, which are approximately 8,000 square feet, have 12 private bedrooms, in which residents can access a private bathroom, and common eating and living areas. Designed by SWBR, the homes will be completed within the project's $12.5 million budget, said Trimble.

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