Garber Automotive Wins CSI Outstanding Project Award

Monday, March 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce that Garber Automotive has been recognized with a local award from the Rochester Chapter Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

The CSI chapter award is given for exceptional teamwork between owner, designer and constructor realized through the CSI’s principles of how clear, well-prepared construction documents can positively influence the process, quality and successful outcome of a project.

SWBR Architects supported Garber Automotive’s goal to re-brand its facilities, with nine additions on three existing buildings. Each building needed an alteration, ranging from a coat of paint to a complete rebuild. In partnership with LeFrois Builders(, SWBR Architects devised a way to phase construction and manage work flow, which led to close cooperation between the owner, designer and general contractor. 

SWBR Architects was recognized at an awards ceremony at the Memorial Art Gallery on March 21, 2015.