Construction Begins on Upper Falls Square

Monday, February 6, 2017

Work is about to begin on Upper Falls Square, a $50 million affordable housing project at Cleveland Street and Hudson Avenue.  DePaul Community Services and Christa Construction are working together on the project, SWBR is the architect. "This is the biggest project in terms of size and cost DePaul has undertaken," says Mark Fuller, President of DePaul.

Upper Falls Square is located on roughly 3.2 acres of vacant land that once held condemned homes until they were razed by the City. The apartments will include studios as well as one and two-bedroom apartments. Approximately half of the residents will receive services under a Supported Single Room Occupancy program which is a non-certified state Office of Mental Health program that provides long-term or permanent housing where residents can access the support services they require to live in the community.